When the snow has melted and left you sad and mopey, turn that frown upside down and get yourself to Tohoku Quest pronto. The newly replaced brush mats are the best in Japan, providing a true ‘on-snow’ feel, so you can really use your edges to set up your jump and initiate spins, just like on a snow booter.

Teams needing to keep skills on point for upcoming competition circuits should be training at Tohoku Quest to hone their competitive edge. Quest owner, Takashi Nishida (former Olympic snowboarder, pro rider for Ride, DC, Spy) has the experience to know what the world’s best snowboard training facility requires, and he’s built it. The poppy jumps and long, sloped airbag landings provide the safest, realest off-snow training opportunity in the world. Staggered kicker sizes let riders progress the size of their tricks as they become comfortable.

Kai Satou tweaking hard on the big kicker at Tohoku Quest.
Kai Satou tweaking hard on the big kicker at Tohoku Quest.

The facility caters to the whole spectrum of rider, from first timer kids, to uber-pros throwing their first triple corks on the XL Kicker. The XL kicker has a deck of 16 meters / 52+ feet, and a long, steep runout for safe progressive training. The takeoffs and kickers are built long and wide for a comfortable run in, and are shaped for ultimate trajectory and safety.

Tohoku Quest is located in Murata Town, in the Tohoku area (northern Honshu). Jump in a rental car, or load up the bullet train and make the trip up to Tohoku Quest for a real Japanese experience; a nice bonus on your training trip.

If you have any questions about creating a great trip, drop Takashi an email here and fill him in on what you need.

Opening Hours (Closed Thursdays)
Monday 〜 Friday
1st Session 13:30〜16:00
2nd Session 16:30〜19:00
3rd Session 19:30〜22:00
Saturday・Sunday・Public Holidays
1st Session 10:30〜13:00
2nd Session 13:30〜16:00
3rd Session 16:30〜19:00


Ticket Pricing Men Women・Kids
1 Session Pass 3,400円 2,700円
2 Session Pass 4,400円 3,700円

*Kids are 15 and under
* If you decide you want to ride a second session after you’ve already purchased your pass, you can grab an extra session pass for 1,500円.
* If you’re keen to stick around for an extended stay, we’ve got long term passes available.

Private Session

Have the whole park to yourself and your crew.

Just because the sun goes down doesn't mean we stop riding. Yamato Kudo double grabbing for the flash.
Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean we stop riding. Yamato Kudo double grabbing under lights.